The blog will be returning to scheduled updates come May 1st, whether I’ve broken legs or not, until then there will be chances to get artwork of your OCs being posted on the this blog, watch out for them.

Here you go, hope you like him! :3

Oh man I only just saw this going through my inbox, HE’S PERFECT, totally perfect for what I wanna do ;u; I’m going to be using him here!



also I drew a pretty Wendigo


Foxface (sorry your hair looks poopy i can’t draw your curls right)(Darker themes)

Shadow Knight


Hella tiny horse creature, you are under arrest for being too damn adorable. Your punishment is a week of hugs.


There you go askshadowknight!

This is SO adorable I’m gonna die, she is too perfect!

askshadowknight asked:
How much chocolate is too much?


I have my answer

So unlike my other blogs this one is going to have a set story line with key story points that have to be hit along the way, but how they get to those key points is flexible.

So what do my asks do?

  • You’re asks can affect what path shadow takes to get to one of the key points.
  • Asking can give you a change to show up as a background characters when I need them, not necessarily on an answer to a question you asked, just when they’ll fit in.
  • If something you say gives me a really good idea you could affect the key points!
  • We could become fronds possibly >:I

Things they won’t do.

  • Have your OC insta interact with mine.
  • Have insta friendships
  • Have roleplaying with her.
  • Have your character in the BG for 100%


For coursework and sending my computer away for repairs and having to secure another another computer for work that I’ll like not be allowed to add/remove programs from, also due to having to go out and do animal studies on small rodents and dog training with my aunt.

I’m sending my computer away now of all times because I’ve a week off college so I can kinda survive not having a computer for a week. I need a second week off for the animal studies write out and catching up on coursework if I can’t get another computer during the first week.

I’ll be on skype on my phone if anyone SUPER needs to get in contact with me and I’ve tumblr on my phone, so if I’m liking post, don’t scream at me ‘cause I’m just using my phone. Other than that I won’t be posting anything, personal or updates on this blog. This blog will have asks and submits turned off.

If you must contact me and you don’t have my skype send me messages on this blog my personal/mod blog.

Even if it seems selfish I need this time to get my computer fixed it’s been messing up and crashing for nearly 2 months now and get my coursework done, I’ve already been given a warming by my tutors and I can’t afford to get another one this early in the course.

- TGK Mod

The amount of suffering I went through to find my other blog while logged into this one on my phone is true suffering.

But yes I’ll also be away from this blog for 2 weeks roughly, but that’ll give me tons of time for designs and putting a story into gear.


Shadow: Dangerous yes, worth filing a report about, no.

Shadow Knight

  • Height: Short
  • Age: 32
  • Species: Mountain Pegasus
  • Job: Royal messenger/???
  • Class: Speed and long distance flier
  • Status: Widowed
  • Personality: Negative, grump, stubborn, easy to anger, cynical.
  • Likes: Flying, the mountains, winter, cold/ice, getting things done, sweet foods, flowers, reading.
  • Dislikes: Sour foods, heat, summer, spicy foods, having tasks dragged out, being inside for long periods of time, the past.

Mountain Pegasus.

They are a sub species of Pegasus, adapted for living high in the mountains with ease, there are five factors that set them apart from other Pegasus.

  • Cloven hooves - allows them to easily scale the steep and rocky terrain they live on when the wings are too strong to fly in.
  • Height - Usually around a foot taller than normal pegasus, rarely there will be those shorter born in years with little food, sometimes through to be a bad omen
  • Coat - The harsh climate has made sure that only those able to keep warm have be able to live on, long even in the summer months, their coats can grow to the point where they need cut just to be able to see.
  • Wings - Larger wings so they can use the mountain updrafts to fly with the least amount of effect, using less energy and allowing them to fly further.
  • Magic - It has been recorded that this sub species has been seen using magic to change the weather instead of controlling it by hoof.